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Injury victims may actually end up negatively impacting case outcomes, whether through carelessness or simply a lack of awareness of long-term implications on their case. If you’ve been injured, here’s what not to do.

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While every case will have its challenges (and it’s our job to help you overcome them), having these strategies in mind will help improve your settlement and make the process much smoother for everyone involved.

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Memorial Day weekend kicks off the start of the summer season. Whether you are traveling for Memorial Day or joining friends or family to celebrate close to home, know the risks so you can stay safe and prevent injuries.

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Estimates of the cost of property damages caused by the winter storm statewide are in the $10 billion range (with some estimates much higher when other factors are included), so even if you don’t have any significant damage, it’s likely you know someone who did.

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Trucking companies in Texas are pushing some big changes to trucking accident liability laws during the 2021 Legislative session. Opponents argue that the bill would make Texas drivers and families less safe.

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