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The period from Memorial Day through Labor Day is known colloquially as the 100 deadliest days of summer, especially for teen drivers.

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Wind, precipitation, fog and rain are all potentially hazardous variables that can impact driving conditions and lead to a crash. In a car crash where weather is involved, who is determined to be at fault?

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If you've sustained an injury, it can be disorienting and confusing to know how best to proceed. Some individuals may be emotionally shaken by their experience or that of a loved one and may respond by posting to social media or divulging details to the insurance adjuster that may ultimately harm their chances of securing a recovery.

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Dallas Twilight

As Dallas and surrounding communities adapt to life in the era of the global COVID-19 pandemic, one thing has become clear – there’s not an industry or professional practice that won’t be impacted in some way, shape or form. And that includes legal proceedings.

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Unfortunately, some dogs become dangerous, often through maltreatment or negligence on the part of the part of owners. It's important to realize that owners can be held liable for injuries caused by these dogs and other animals deemed dangerous by the Texas Dangerous Dog Act.

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Most of our clients come to us when they’ve reached the end of their rope and feel they just can’t handle any more of the phone calls, bills and managing an ongoing claim while also trying to recover physically from a debilitating injury. Do you need help?

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The holiday season is in full swing! As families gather to exchange gifts, enjoy delicious meals and take part in holiday traditions, we encourage our clients to be cautious of these common injuries – and take steps to protect yourself and your guests from injuries.

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