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Personal injury law is founded on the principal of tort, a civil wrong, that causes a claimant some harm or loss, whether physical, financial, mental or emotional. But just what is a "tort"? We explain.

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Spring Break in Texas means a time to unwind and relax, but accidents and injuries are common as people travel to new and unfamiliar locales. A skilled Dallas personal injury attorney can help you navigate your Texas personal injury claim, whether your injury occurred at home or on vacation.

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Road accident with firefighters

Financial recovery for negligence on the part of another person often is construed as unseemly in media and culture, but the hard truth is that there is no more effective tool to compensate an individual for non-criminal but substantial harm.

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Medical costs are usually the biggest part of financial damages a claimant will incur. Since neglecting treatment is one of the fastest ways to tank your personal injury case and ensure a low settlement offer, a letter of protection stipulating providers will be paid when settlement is reached is an absolute necessity.

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From documenting the crash scene to deciding to settle with the insurance company, .ur step by step guide to the Texas auto crash claims process can help you prepare for a personal injury claim.

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A plaintiff must demonstrate that they were owed a duty of care, that a property owner breached that duty of care and that the plaintiff suffered injury as a direct result of that breach – in other words, negligence. There is an exception to this general rule, and that is the “obvious danger” defense.

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Children in Halloween Costumes

While urban legends like razor blades, poison doctored candy and now marijuana edibles finding their way into your child’s Halloween bucket persist, the biggest threat to children’s safety on this hallmark childhood holiday is traffic.

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