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5 Strategies to Improve Your Case Outcome

Chad West May 26, 2021

No matter how a personal injury originated – whether through a car accident, use of a defective product, medical malpractice or a premises liability case – there are two basic questions that apply to all personal injury cases.

  • Was the defendant liable for your injury?

  • If so, can you give evidence of the extent of the damages you suffered?

While every case will have its challenges (and it’s our job to help you overcome them), it’s helpful to have these strategies in mind for how to move through a personal injury case from start to finish. Using these tactics for working together with your Dallas personal injury team will help improve your settlement and make the process much smoother for everyone involved.

Here are our proven strategies for improving the outcome of your personal injury case.

Communicate well with your legal team. We can’t overstate this tip. Our most successful cases begin and end with solid communication with our client. We will be very straightforward with you about what you can expect and how the case will proceed. We need the same from you starting at the beginning with the extent of your injuries and any past injuries, pre-existing medical conditions or other medical complaints you may have. Many a personal injury case has gone awry because a plaintiff failed to disclose a past injury to their legal team. The insurance industry retains access to databases of past claims. These records may be accessed at any time by other industry players. So, tell us about your past injuries. Share your concerns and fears. It’s our job to address those concerns and fears with solid legal advice. Sometimes plaintiffs conceal past injuries or even the extent of their current injuries out of fear that they won’t get the settlement they deserve, but it’s our job to address the presence of past injuries in our representation. We can’t tackle what we don’t know about.

Get medical treatment. Seeking treatment for a serious injury may seem like obvious advice, but if you aren’t bleeding or unconscious, you may not realize the severity of your injuries. This can lead plaintiffs to either forego necessary treatment or believe it’s too late to get help. We recommend seeking treatment as soon as you realize you need it, even if it has been a few days or weeks since the injury occurred. Our job is to help preserve your rights. And you have the right to feel better and to not suffer. Please be sure to keep us informed of all medical treatments, prescriptions, medical equipment purchases and appointments.

Keep careful records. From the initial medical provider at the hospital to the cost of the prescriptions to the names of any witnesses who were with you at the time your injury occurred, a careful record of what happened and any treatments you have received will help strengthen your case. It may be helpful to keep a notebook, an Excel spreadsheet or a diary of injury related appointments. As stated above, insurance companies keep records of past injury claims. So, don’t leave your case outcome up in the air. Keeping careful records will help our team serve you best.

Be careful who you talk to. Until your case is resolved, it’s best to limit the number of people who know the details of the case and the issues you may be dealing with. We strongly advise our clients to stay off social media for the most part until their case has been settled or resolved. Insurance adjusters and attorneys regularly use social media to support their investigations. What you post online may be searchable. Don’t post photos of your wreck or injuries online as these can be used against you. And be wary of discussing your case with anyone other than your trusted attorney.

Be truthful. We will always give our clients honest answers about what to expect in terms of settlement for their personal injury claim but being able to give you reliable information about your case assumes you have been honest and straightforward with us.

Need help? We are happy to provide a case assessment to help you decide whether to pursue a recovery for your injuries and are well-versed in what makes a strong case. Our neighborhood law firm in Dallas has the staff to handle complex cases and give you the attention you deserve. Call us to get started.


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