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Back to School Supplies Drive for Teachers

Chad West June 30, 2020

Along with neighborhood businesses and local elected officials, we are collecting school supplies for local teachers again this year!

Several years ago, we learned that supplies quickly run short at the beginning of the year. As students use up their own supplies, teachers dig into their own pockets to replenish the supplies. This year's supplies drive benefits teachers at Hogg, Peeler, Reagan and Rosemont Elementary Schools and at Garcia Middle School.

The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) has released some guidelines for how to reopen schools this fall. Among the recommendations is to provide enough supplies so that students do not have to share. It will be even more important for there to be plenty of supplies and materials to help keep staff and students safe. 

Here are the materials we are collecting:

  • Markers - 100 packs

  • Dry Erase Marker - 75 packs

  • Facial tissue - 300 boxes

  • Pencil erasers - 75

  • Folders with pockets - 300

  • Colored pencils - 100 packs

  • Ink pens - 100 packs

  • Red ink pens - 100 packs

  • Loose leaf notebook paper - 100 packs

  • Mesh backpacks - 100

  • Index cards (multicolor) - 300 packs

  • Hand sanitizer 32 oz. size - 250 bottles

  • Ear buds - 50

Event Participants and Hosts:

  • Bella Med Spa

  • Bishop Barber Shop

  • Benny Guzman

  • Hon. Sara Martinez

  • Constable Michael Orozco

  • Rosemont Early Childhood PTA

  • Hon. Chad West

Drop-off Locations:

  • Chad West, PLLC: 3606 S. Tyler St, Dallas 75224 Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm (Also, send MAILED donations here)

  • Bella Med Spa: 211 S. Adams Ave., Dallas, 75208 Mon-Sat 9-8

  • Bishop Barber Shop: 514 W. Jefferson Blvd., 75208 Mon-Sat 7-9

  • Cooper’s Meat Market: 778 Ft. Worth Ave., 75208 Mon-Sun 9-9

You may also mail your donation using our Amazon Wish List. All donations purchased off the Wish List will be sent to the offices of Chad West, PLLC for donation. Thank you!

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