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Class C Misdemeanors

Chad West July 7, 2014

When—and if—you’re arrested in Texas, officers will often tell you that if you sign a one-page paper and pay a nominal fee of $300-500, you’ll be released and can go about your business. Sound tempting? Don’t sign it.

What many people don’t realize is that piece of paper means you’re admitting guilt. The severity of signing it isn’t understood until much later. Oftentimes, this offense ends up on your criminal record for a very long time (sometimes forever).

If you’re arrested, never sign anything that admits to your guilt. Contact the office of Chad West or another reputable attorney immediately. We have a great success rate at getting these offenses dismissed. 

Most often, this issue pops up with Class C misdemeanors.

What is a Class C Misdemeanor?

The least serious offenses in Texas, Class C misdemeanors (Tex. Penal Code §12.23) include a fine of up to $500. You may also have to undergo community service in addition to, or in lieu of, the fine. This is up to the judge. There are many types of Class C misdemeanors in Texas which may apply to individuals (Businesses, employers and employees face additional Class C misdemeanor regulations). However, classification of the offense may become more serious, such as Class B or Class A, depending on specific details and any prior offenses.

This is not an exhaustive list of Class C misdemeanors as there are several, but it does highlight some of the most common. Generally, Class C misdemeanors include petty theft, traffic violations (including speeding tickets) and “minor” assault.

  • Aiding Suicide (§22.08)

  • Assault if “physical contact is regarded merely as ‘offensive’ or ‘provocative’ (§71.004)

  • Consuming Alcohol While Driving (§49.03)

  • Criminal Mischief (§28.03)

  • Criminal Trespass (§30.05)

  • Delivery or Manufacture of Counterfeit Instrument (§521.456)

  • Disorderly Conduct (§42.01)

  • Domestic Violence when “assault causes bodily injury to a family member” (§22.01)

  • Driving While License Invalid (§521.457)

  • Electric Transmission of Certain Visual Material Depicting Minor (includes “sexting”) (§43.261)

  • False Report Regarding Missing Child or Person (§37.081)

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