Dallas Voice Readers: Chad West, PLLC Is Best Criminal Defense Attorney

We are so honored that for the ninth consecutive year, Chad West, PLLC, was named Best Criminal Defense Attorney by the readers of the Dallas Voice, Dallas’ trusted news source for the LGBT community. We are proud to be known as a go-to-resource for our community.

For the majority of our criminal defense clients, the case we handle for them is their first brush with the criminal justice system. We strive to help them address the immediate case through helpful strategies can get their charges reduced or even dismissed. We also evaluate every aspect of the case from day one to ensure that their civil rights are protected. Even something as seemingly straightforward as a traffic stop can present violations of individual rights.

In one case last year, a client was pulled over on a routine traffic stop for having a headlight out. The officer thought they detected the smell of marijuana in the vehicle, and our client admitted to having an ounce of pot with them in the car. The client was subsequently arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. However, upon our review of the video footage from the traffic stop, we saw that the headlight wasn’t out, only dimmed in comparison to the other headlight. The Texas transportation code states that headlights must illuminate 400 feet in front of the vehicle, which they did.

If you’ve been arrested for marijuana possession, driving while intoxicated, assault or a variety of other crimes in Dallas, Denton, Tarrant or Rockwall Counties, we would love to help you. We are proud to fight for our clients’ individual rights and would be proud to help you. Call us today for a free consultation.

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