How Do I Know If I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury claim can stem from a variety of circumstances. The most common we see if our practice are claims originating from car wrecks but slip-and-fall cases (premises liability), dog bites, medical malpractice, defective products and even conflicts with service providers are also common.

One of the most common questions a potential client wants to know is whether they can handle their personal injury claim on their own, without the help of an attorney. We believe some cases are straightforward enough to handle independently. If you were involved in a crash – even a bad one – and your injuries were mild, you may be able to handle the case without legal help. Some cases are clear. If you are rear ended at a red light while at a dead stop, it wasn’t your fault. If you were hit by someone who ran a red light and T-boned your car, you clearly weren’t at fault. But, sometimes injuries are more complex, and certain circumstances, if present, warrant speaking with an attorney and having a dedicated team to represent and preserve your rights. Here are a few circumstances where we recommend speaking with a Dallas personal injury attorney about your case.

Serious Injury – From concussion to broken bones or even traumatic brain injury, if your injuries are at all serious, you should talk to an attorney about representing you. An initial litmus test for the severity of your injury is simply whether you sought treatment. If you were taken to the hospital immediately after the injury occurred or even if you visited your doctor a few days later for medical evaluation and treatment, the presence of medical bills and ongoing treatment plans can make your case, your life and your recovery much more complicated and stressful. A pile of medical pills accumulating does not make for an easy or stress-free recovery. If your ability to work was impacted by your injury, it’s even more critical that you speak with an attorney.

Disputed Fault Finding – Texas is a fault state for car insurance purposes. This means that, in contrast to some states where no-fault finding are commonplace, in Texas, fault MUST be assigned to one of the parties involved in the crash. If an insurance company – either yours or the other driver’s – denies your claim based upon a finding of fault, you need to notify the insurance company as soon as possible of the disputed fault finding. If you’re injured, this can be yet another challenge and headache you don’t need. Our personal injury team can go to work to notify the insurance company of the dispute and put an immediate stop to contact with you.

Insurance Company Acting Shady – Even a fairly minor car wreck can cause a fairly significant injury. Many individuals wrongly believe that once they’ve spoken to the insurance company, they can pretty much kiss their options goodbye. Insurance companies are skilled in minimizing their financial liability, so they will not pay out unless they have to. Take heart. You have options. If the insurance company denies your claim, our personal injury team can help reverse their decision. Tactics insurance companies use to reduce their liability include:

  • delaying their response to your claim
  • delaying payment of a valid claim, hoping you will settle for less money
  • disputing liability and trying to blame you
  • disputing the extent of injuries caused by the crash
  • disputing that your injuries cause the hardship you claim
  • investigating you personally (social media activities) to try to discredit your claims

In so many instances, we’ve seen insurance companies attempt to reduce their liability using the tactics of delay and intimidation. We help our clients by preserving their rights in these investigations.

No matter the circumstances of your injury, you always have the right to hear from an attorney who is willing to represent you and your interests. Our Dallas personal injury firm offers no-cost case evaluations to help you determine whether your case would benefit from legal representation. Call us to get started.

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