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The Importance of Treatment for Your Personal Injury

Chad West Feb. 26, 2021

If you’ve been hurt in a recent accident – whether it’s a car crash, injury at a local business or perhaps an injury resulting from a defective product or other corporate failing – balancing self-care with financial concerns can be a legitimate challenge. Sadly, many personal injury clients do not seek treatment right away. Many may be worried about cost. Others simply don’t realize they need to see a doctor until a few days after their injury occurs.

Why is it so important to seek prompt medical treatment?

The longer you wait to seek treatment after you’ve been injured in an accident, the more opportunities you give the insurance company to question your claim. Waiting a day or two to go to the doctor may not be a huge failing, but if you wait months to get help, the insurance company will claim you could not have been badly injured if you waited so long to seek treatment. They may allege you are trying to make your injuries seem worse than they actually are. If it has been several weeks or even months since you were hurt, an insurance company may claim that you must have injured yourself in an unrelated event for which they are not responsible.

When to see a doctor.

If you’re hurt, you should see a doctor. Period. Back and neck pain, concussions, even broken ribs or cuts and scrapes, may feel like fairly minor injuries at first or even like they should go away within a day or two. See a doctor anyway. You should be evaluated by a medical professional who can help you heal and advise on your case. By waiting, you’re simply causing yourself unnecessary pain as well as potentially reducing the amount you could recovery should you decide to pursue a negligence case. Why remain in pain if there's help available? 

Keep records.

A record of treatment plans, doctor’s visits and costs will help you recover a financial settlement. While many car accident victims walk away unscathed, far too many get hurt by careless drivers. If that describes you, keep careful records of your medical treatment. By doing so, you’ll be able to show that you didn’t neglect your treatment. This will support your case and help us to preserve your right to fair compensation.

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