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Most Dangerous Thanksgiving Since 2007

Chad West Nov. 22, 2014

Thanksgiving week is one of the most dangerous times of the year for motorists. As families gather for large meals and giving thanks, they often travel hundreds of miles making sure to visit every family member. The auto club, AAA, projects that 89% of those traveling this week will do so by automobile. This staggering number will place even the best drivers in danger while sharing the road with distracted drivers. Cars today are increasingly distracting with their gadgets and on board features. Adding in family members only raises the level of danger as most will be drinking and creating greater distractions to the driver.

The Dallas personal injury lawyers at Chad West, PLLC understand the statistics and the dangers that our clients face. When it comes time for them to deal with insurance companies, the experience can be overwhelming and often unfair. This year, The National Safety Council projects 418 fatalities and over 40,000 people will be injured seriously enough to require medical attention during the holiday. Travel for Thanksgiving this year is expected to be the highest since 2007. Chad West, PLLC attorneys are highly specialized in matters of personal injury and criminal defense. The holiday season includes dangerous roadways and often drinking and driving is involved. When mistakes happen or an accident occurs, the Dallas personal injury lawyers and Dallas criminal defense lawyers at Chad West, PLLC can help ease your anxiety, pain, and suffering by giving you the representation you deserve.

Before your holiday travels please make it a point to stop by our office and pick up an accident report guide. In the event of an accident, emotions run wild, this guide is an essential tool to keep you calm and help you gather all the necessary information needed.Our phones are answered 24/7, call us at (214) 509-7555 following an accident or a DWI to speak with an attorney about navigating your rights and options.

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