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Parkland Memorial Hospital Nurse Killed by Bus

Coy Clark Jan. 25, 2015

This weekend we learned about the saddening death of a longtime nurse at Parkland Memorial Hospital as they attempted to use the crosswalk near the hospital. While using the crosswalk, 61-year-old Randal Dygert was struck by a privately owned shuttle, and was presumably killed on impact.

Incidents like this are extremely tragic for the victims and their families, their colleagues, and bystanders. A second Parkland Hospital employee was also struck by the bus, but was taken to the hospital in stable condition. The growing necessity for transportation options such as buses and shuttles does not discount the importance of having well trained staff. This case will likely set higher standards for other drivers. As pedestrians obey traffic laws and utilize marked and regulated crosswalks, they should not have to fear their surroundings. The life lost and the person injured by the shuttle bus could have likely been avoided. With such great responsibility from bus companies, it is important to understand your rights.Large companies that operate fleets of vehicles will have procedures they follow should an accident ever occur. It is important for an individual that has been affected by something, like being struck by a bus, to know their rights. Many companies may try and get you to sign paperwork at the scene or immediately following. In a situation where someone has been seriously injured, it is necessary to have your attorney look over any paperwork placed in front of you. If you or anyone you know ever has an issue regarding injury due to a bus or fleet vehicle, you should contact the law office of Chad West, PLLC immediately. Our phones are answered 24/7 at (214) 509-7555. Our personal injury lawyers will help walk you through the necessary steps to take, what to ask, and the information you need to know to protect yourself and others from being hurt even more.

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