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Recent client successes from the criminal team

Chad West March 27, 2019

When it comes to choosing a criminal defense attorney to defend you after an arrest for DWI, possession of marijuana or assault, choosing an inexperienced attorney can have lasting consequences. If you want the best chance of getting your charges reduced or dismissed, you need experienced, professional legal counsel with a depth of knowledge into the intricacies of criminal defense.

At Chad West, PLCC, our criminal team is committed to protecting our clients’ rights. Our criminal attorneys handle cases of varying complexity and severity from minor criminal offenses to felony charges. For most of our clients, their case is their first (and we hope only) brush with the law. We provide a personal experience to help you navigate the complex criminal justice system, and we ensure your rights are protected. Below are some recent successful dispositions we are particularly proud of.

Case Dismissed: Assault / Criminal Mischief

Our client “Anna” was charged with assault and criminal mischief after being involved in an altercation with a man with previous felony assault charges – charges he received for violence against her. Based on the nature of their relationship, we knew our client was the true victim, and we planned to take this case all the way to trial.

Our criminal defense team advocated for the District Attorney on Anna’s case to take a second look at the circumstances of the case. After doing so, the D.A. asked if we would allow our client to be evaluated by a local woman’s shelter to determine if she was actually the victim herself. The shelter agreed with our position that Anna was the true victim, and the DA dismissed both cases against her outright.

So often, criminal law involves helping a truly vulnerable person. Charges don’t always tell the full story. We are so glad that this client not only received justice but also is receiving the help she needs. 

Case Dismissed: Possession of Marijuana

Dallas County is now dismissing all first-time marijuana charges, but our client “Mary’s” case had fallen through the cracks at the District Attorney’s office.

For more than two years, Mary had been waiting for a court date. Individuals charged with any crime have a right to a speedy trial. Speedy trial dismissals are one strategy for eliminating criminal charges, but in this case, we requested a complete dismissal in the interest of justice for this first-time offender. Now that Dallas County is dismissing first-time marijuana charges, we were able to get Mary’s case completely dropped.

Charges reduced: Unlawful carrying of a weapon

Our client “Andres” was charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon after being pulled over for traffic violations. The officer searched the vehicle and found drug paraphernalia and a gun in the car.

State laws related to weapons possession make it a crime to possess a gun in the commission of another criminal offense with one exception: traffic offenses. In short, you can speed while packing but if you rob a bank, you just committed another crime. In Andres’ case, possession of drug paraphernalia is a traffic level offense, so there were questions about whether its possession was enough to make the gun possession illegal.

When we raised these questions, the District Attorney on Andres’ case agreed to reduce the charges to a Class C ticket for disorderly conduct. Our client paid a $30 fine and will be eligible to have his record expunged.

Case dismissed: DWI related possession of THC

When our client “Brandon” arrived at the jail after being arrested for DWI, the booking officer claimed to have found a vape pen containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol oil) at the scene. The officer tacked on an additional felony possession of THC charge right there at the jail.

Brandon had been searched at the scene of the arrest. His blood had been drawn because of the DWI, and there was no evidence of THC in his system. We showed that our client had been thoroughly searched and patted down at the scene of the arrest. As a result, the Grand Jury found that there was no probably cause to sustain the felony charge and the case was dismissed.

In matters of criminal law, trust the experts at Chad West, PLLC. We are your local Dallas criminal defense attorneys for DWI, drug possession, assault and a host of other crimes from misdemeanors to felonies, and we are versed in the intricacies of all levels of criminal defense. Call us for a free consultation.


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