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Reminder about Facebook and Myspace Photos for Criminal issues!

Chad West Sept. 21, 2011

Clients and friends, I get involved in cases all the time where attorneys have printed photos from an individual's Facebook and/or Myspace pages! For example, I recently observed a DWI case where a district attorney in Collin County used photographs from a woman's Facebook page where she was clearly intoxicated to suggest that she was drinking on the night of her birthday and frequented a particular bar. There are rules against allowing in such evidence, but depending on the court, photos of this nature will sometimes come in. And during the punishment portion of a trial, any type of information about a defendant's veracity, character, and general persona can be presented to the jury. Bottom line - if you get in trouble with law, comb through your online photos (and statements that you have written) and clean 'em up!

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