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Road Construction Dangers

Coy Clark Dec. 12, 2014

Do you remember the last time you drove in Dallas without going through a construction zone? Neither do we. As Dallas/Fort Worth continues to grow, the necessity of creating roadways that can handle increased traffic is imperative.

Every time we turn on the news there is discussion about the latest road projects, from toll ways to bridges, they are all taking bigger shapes and sizes. During rush hour not only do we hear constant traffic reports on the radio, but we heavily rely on them as we make our way to work and home each day. These traffic reports consistently report slow moving traffic in areas of road construction. 

Not only do these road construction areas slow traffic, they create dangerous and sometimes deadly obstacles for drivers. 

Road construction crews have strict guidelines to follow about construction zone safety, and often all of these guidelines become overlooked in order to speed up a process or save money. When something as serious as overlooking construction zone guidelines happens, that is when a call to a personal injury lawyer is necessary. 

People finding themselves involved in an accident and/or injury should know their rights and be compensated for the pain and suffering they experience from an incident that was not their fault. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer at Chad West, PLLC will help you understand the next steps to take to help you get your life back to normal. 

Additionally, crewmembers finding themselves injured on the job site should consult a Dallas personal injury lawyer at Chad West, PLLC. The safety of workers and drivers that are in road construction zones should be the top priority of those in charge. When cut corners result in an injury, do not hesitate to call your personal injury lawyer, Chad West and know your rights. Our phones are answered 24/7 at (214) 509-7555 or email Chad directly at

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