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Roadway Beasts

Coy Clark Dec. 5, 2014

Last week there was a lot of discussion about travel and the heightened dangers that drivers faced as they joined the estimated 89% of Americans traveling by automobile over Thanksgiving.

Among the higher than normal traffic on roadways, one type of vehicle will also remain on the roads: semi-trucks. These massive machines are often associated with fatal accidents due in part to their sheer size and inability to make quick maneuvers. Additionally, these large vehicles, carrying thousands of pounds of cargo and often livestock, are operated by drivers that are pushed to their limits by operating companies, deadlines, and the threat of losing their jobs.

Countless articles, television specials, and court cases repeatedly verify the dangers of sharing the roadways with these dangerous vehicles, often operated by exhausted drivers who are not able to function as normal. When it comes to semi-trucks, the drivers of these dangerous vehicles should be the most alert and skilled drivers on the road. Even laws and regulations put in place cannot always control the number of driving hours and the size of loads.

When an accident does occur due to the negligence of a truck driver from poor attention to the road, overloaded cargo, or ignoring traffic laws, the result is often serious and/or fatal for those in the other vehicle.

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