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September Victories

Rocio Murillo Sept. 25, 2015

The month of September has been an exciting one for Chad West, PLLC! We’ve had 11 criminal defense court victories in the past 4 weeks! Below are the briefs for each case which attests to the fact that we will fight to the fullest extent allowed by the law to ensure your rights are protected.

1. State v. J.B.

Cause No. 150215

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Case No-Billed by Grand Jury 9/23/15.

Our client’s friend bumped into a drunk patron (Complainant) at a Dallas bar. Complainant followed client’s friend outside to the parking lot, sucker-punched him, and continued beating him while he was unconscious. Client grabbed a tool from him truck and struck the Complainant once in the face causing severe injury. Our office obtained a recording of the Complainant’s friend saying the Complainant was drunk that night and was looking for a fight. No criminal charges filed against our client.

2. State v. C.S.

Cause No. 1380351


Tarrant County case

Dismissed on 9/23/15.

3. State v. J.C.

Evading ArrestJohnson County caseCharges dropped 9/22/15.

Client was a coach for a 9-year old girls’ sports team. Off-duty police officer sat behind coach heckling her during the entire game. Client turned around and told officer to shut up, and officer came down out of the stands and grabbed client by the arm. Officer later had client arrested for “Evading Arrest” when she pulled away from him after he grabbed her. Charges dropped by the County Attorney’s office.

4. State v. R.R.

Fleeing Police

Dallas County case

Case resolved 9/23/15.

Client on parole for burglary and had multiple warrants out for his arrest. Pulled over for running a stop sign. Client tried to run after being pulled over. Plead client to time served on his new case and avoided parole revocation on his burglary charge.

5. State v. M.M.

Cause # M15-20634

Assault Family Violence

Dallas County case

Dismissed on 9/09/15.

6. State v. C.D.

Cause # CR-14-0428

Felony Theft and Food Stamp Fraud

Parker County case

Case resolved 9/10/15

Client indicted for fraudulently accepting $32,000.00 in food stamps over 6 years; DA’s initial offer was 8 years prison; charge reduced to Tampering with a Government Record, no fine, no conviction, 5 years deferred probation.

7. State v. A.B.

Cause # 1423131

Possession of Methamphetamine

Tarrant County case

Dismissed on 9/11/15.

8. State v. K.B.

Assault Family Violence

Dallas County case

Cause No. M14-70583

Case dismissed.

9. State v. K.M.

Assault Family Violence

Dallas County case

Cause No. M15-23302

Case dismissed 9/1/15.

10. State v. D.S.

Assault Family Violence and Failure to ID – Fugitive

Cause Numbers M14-45440 and M12-10415

Dallas County

Case resolved 9/1/15.

Client, non-US citizen, arrested for assaulting fiancé, had active warrants and gave a fake name to the police. Both charges dismissed for plea on class C disorderly conduct, no fine, no conviction. Client avoided deportation consequences.

11. State v. G.L.

Aggravated Robbery

Cause Number F14-76511

Case resolved 9/1/15.

Client and co-defendant arrested for breaking into victim’s home, assaulting victim with a baseball bat and stealing cash. Prosecutor’s original offer was 15 years prison. Charge reduced to lesser included offense, 4 years deferred probation, no conviction. Co-defendant received prison time.

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