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Weird Texas Driving Laws You've Never Heard Of

Chad West July 27, 2021

We’ve all heard stories of outlandish laws still on the books in cities and states nationwide. In a state as big and culturally diverse as Texas, there are bound to be some weird laws. You may even have broken one or two! For the most part, you’re unlikely to be ticketed for violating one of Texas’ unique statutes, but it’s smart to be aware of some of the quirky laws you might encounter across Texas and even here in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Why? What you don’t know CAN cost you! A little education on quirky traffic laws pays off in safer and more aware drivers who are less likely to injure others or be injured themselves.

You must have windshield wipers on your car. Not many would consider driving without them – and technically you don’t even have to have a windshield. But the wipers are essential by state law!

Distractedly texting while driving is illegal, but you CAN wear headphones while driving. Make sense?   

It’s illegal to leave your car keys in the ignition! Many of us have remote or push-button start ignitions these days. Thank goodness! Technology is apparently protecting us all from violating this quirky law. While it may sound like common sense to prevent auto theft by not leaving your car keys in the ignition, it’s also a law that protects you from liability for another person’s injury – such as a pedestrian, cyclist or child who wonders behind your parked car.

No U-turns in Richardson. Why? No idea. But if you cause a wreck because you whirled around to hit up a Starbucks on your way to work, you could be held financially liable for causing a personal injury to another driver.

Speaking of that Starbucks, if you’re pouring out yesterday’s coffee, make sure you roll down the window instead of opening your car door. It’s illegal to open your car door while operating a vehicle, even if you are at a full and complete stop. This is another one of those laws that sounds weird but is intended to protect you from injuring another person or from liability arising from causing damage to their vehicle. So, just hang on to your day-old coffee!

Awareness of quirky traffic laws can keep you safe on the road and protect others from being injured as well. Severe injury is serious business. Need to talk about your injury. Call us for a no-cost case consultation.


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