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What Estate Planning Has to Do With Vacation Planning

Chad West April 25, 2018

As April winds down, it’s time to plan for that summer vacation! Whether you fly or road trip this summer, whether traveling domestically or overseas and whether you’re bringing the whole family or enjoying some much-deserved adult time, there is one small detail you may not have considered to be relevant to vacation planning.

Along with any travel planning, estate planning must also be considered. While it’s true you could just as easily be hurt traveling to work on a Monday morning, leaving to chance the business of what happens to your family and your property should something happen to you is not a smart option.

Chad West, PLLC offers a variety of estate planning services from guardianship declarations to medical and durable powers of attorney documents. We absolutely do not recommend trying to draft these documents on your own or using DIY legal document websites. We can help you with the tricky paperwork and help ensure that your wishes are honored when it comes to your family and property and even your own health and well-being should you be seriously injured and unable to speak for yourself.

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