Business Law

Owners of both small and medium-sized businesses understand the need to take risks.  However, when it comes to selecting legal counsel for your company, you want to be certain that you are choosing the best attorney for your needs.

At the Law Office of Chad West, we understand the needs of business owners. Our firm provides quality legal services geared specifically to the unique issues faced by smaller organizations.  We provide a variety of legal services to businesses, including start-up and business formation, choice of entity, regulatory compliance, and financing issues.  By focusing on working with only small and mid-sized businesses, our attorneys can get provide a high level of quality, personalized service to our clients.  

A Full Service Business Law Firm

As a boutique law firm, we are able to work effectively and efficiently on behalf of our clients.  We can easily adapt to new circumstances as they arise, giving our client individualized service that focuses on the specific needs of their company. By identifying the important legal issues facing our clients, we help them reach their business goals.

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The Law Office of Chad West offers the following business law services:

Business Disputes

When you own a business, legal disputes can arise in any number of ways, from contractors or vendors who do not fulfill their contractual obligations to lawsuits from employees to other companies that engage in unfair competition, disparagement or fraud. Our attorneys will work with your business to find the best and most cost-efficient solution to these issues.


From starting a new business from scratch to branching off into different ventures, our law firm provides a range of services for business start-ups.  This includes forming new entities, including LLCs or Corporations, registering trademarks in Texas and with the federal government, filing for copyright, drafting operating agreements and serving as registered agents.  With reasonable hourly rates and flat-fee pricing for many business start-up matters, the Law Office of Chad West is a great choice for your company’s needs.

Consumer and Business Practices

If you provide goods or services to consumers, you may be liable to lawsuits under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA).  We defend businesses in cases involving deceptive trade practices, debt collection, false advertising, fair credit reporting and breach of warranty.  

Dram Shop Protection

If you are licensed to sell alcohol, you may be responsible for the actions of your intoxicated patrons. Under the Dram Shop Act, if you are aware that a patron is “obviously intoxicated” and still serve him or her alcohol, you may be liable for damages for injuries caused by the intoxicated patron. An injured person must prove that your business (1) knew that the person was obviously intoxicated and presented a clear danger to himself or others, and (2) that the person’s intoxication was the cause of their injuries.  There are ways to protect yourself from Dram Shop lawsuits, such as by having employees attend approved training programs. At the Law Office of Chad West, we are familiar with Dram Shop laws and can both advise your business on how to avoid liability under this act and defend your company against Dram Shop claims.  

Employment Litigation

If you have employees, you will likely face employment-related legal issues at some point.  Our lawyers are adept at handling a variety of employment matters, including discrimination claims, unpaid wages, medical leave, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, separation agreements and eligibility for unemployment benefits.

Entertainment and Sports

For anyone involved in the entertainment industry, which may include music, film, television, radio, theater, publishing or sports, it is necessary to understand the specific laws that govern your business. The Law Office of Chad West has the expertise to handle a wide variety of entertainment law matters, including contract issues, confidentiality, production, options, royalties, residuals, collective bargaining, agent/principal issues, copyright, trademark, name protection and antitrust concerns.

General Counsel Outsourcing

While some large businesses benefit from having a full-time attorney on staff, in most cases, it is both expensive and impractical to hire in-house counsel. If you run a small or mid-sized company, the Law Office of Chad West offers general counsel services to meet your business’ needs. We handle major transactional events, mergers and acquisitions, real estate leases and purchases, business formation and reorganization, debt and equity financing, and commercial loans. We also provide assistance with day-to-day business needs such as risk management and contract negotiations.


Business often has legal issues that are not related to litigation. Known as transactional matters, these events are critical to a business’ formation and long-term success. Our lawyers handle a variety of transactional work, including risk management, contracts, business formation, mergers and acquisitions, negotiations, U.C.C. issues, real estate leases and purchases, financing, and loans.

Business Law Attorneys in Dallas, Texas

If you own or run a small or mid-sized business in Dallas or the surrounding areas, you can count on the Law Office of Chad West for all of your business law needs. We offer high quality, individualized service to each of our clients, with reasonable rates and efficient service. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can partner with your business to help you meet your goals.