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If you are facing a manslaughter charge, you likely understand the seriousness of your situation and the need for expert legal advice. Manslaughter is a Second Degree Felony and carries a possible state jail term of anywhere from two to twenty years.

How Texas Defines Manslaughter

Under Texas law, manslaughter occurs when someone “recklessly causes the death of an individual.” Manslaughter charges are brought when a person did not intend to kill another person, but their actions showed a disregard for the likely consequences. 

Examples of manslaughter may include:

  • Getting into a fistfight with another person, and continuing to kick or punch that person after he fell to the ground and was unable to defend himself.
  • Pushing someone on a hard, slippery surface, knowing that there is a strong possibility that the person may hit their head on the ground and suffer serious injury or death.
  • Driving drunk, and killing a person as a result (intoxication manslaughter).  

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In some situations, prosecutors will charge a person with a number of charges related to the taking of a life, such as:

  • Murder
  • Capital Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Criminally Negligent Homicide

The jury will consider “lesser included offenses” and determine if the defendant is guilty of a more serious charge, such as murder, or a lesser charge, such as manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide. Prosecutors may seek the death penalty or life in prison in some cases, making it even more important that any defendant in such a case obtain experienced counsel.  

Manslaughter Defense Attorney in Dallas, Texas

If you are facing a murder or manslaughter charge, you will need a seasoned criminal defense attorney who can evaluate your case, strategize with you on potential defenses, negotiate a plea bargain, or aggressively defend you in court if necessary.  Contact the Law Office of Chad West today to discuss your manslaughter case.

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