Dog Bite Attorneys In Dallas, Texas

As too many people have found out, being attacked by a dog can be an extremely terrifying moment. Thankfully, there are laws in place to help protect you from having to forego recovery out of your own pocket. Negligent owners of dogs or other animals can generally be held liable under four distinct, but often related, theories: negligent handling of animals, dangerous domesticated animals, wild animals, and Texas Dangerous Dog Act. 

Negligent Handling of an Animal 

Negligent handling of an animal is a cause of action under the negligence theory of tort law. This means the owner or person possessing the animal did not do their duty to prevent the attack from happening. 

Dangerous Domesticated Animals 

Dangerous domesticated animals refers to people having traditionally “wild” animals as domestic pets. Such cases fall under the “strict liability” theory of tort law. The dangerous propensities of dangerous domesticated animals can be greater given their heightened natural instincts. 

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Wild Animals 

Wild animals section applies to an attack by a wild animal owned or possessed by an individual. These cases are often similar to dangerous domesticated animal cases, and strict liability also applies. 

Texas Dangerous Dog Act

The Texas Dangerous Dog Act (Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 822) deals with those owning or possessing a dangerous dog. These dogs that have been deemed dangerous should have a greater sense of control by their owners, however when not appropriately dealt with, they can lash out and cause severe damages to individuals. If a dangerous dog causes a serious bodily injury to a person, the dog will be seized and in some rare cases the owner can be criminally prosecuted under the Act.

Dog Bite Attorneys in Dallas, Texas

If you or a loved one are attacked by a dog, seek immediate help in the form of medical care, and contact our office for legal guidance. The attorneys at The Law Office of Chad West have a proven record for fighting on behalf of their clients’ rights in personal injury cases in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. At The Law Office of Chad West, we love dogs, just not the ones that bite, much less the owners who fail to control their pets.

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