Negligence Attorneys in Dallas, Texas

When you are injured because of someone else’s actions, you may have a claim under Texas law for negligence. Mistakes do happen, but in certain situations, the mistakes cause serious injury or even death — and they may mean that the responsible party should be liable for the injuries.

Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care. For personal injury cases, this means that somebody did not do what they should have done to prevent an accident or injury.  

A person can be negligent in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • Not fixing a crumbing sidewalk, resulting in a fall
  • Using a smart phone while driving, resulting in an accident
  • Failing to put up a “wet floors” sign at a store, resulting in a slip and fall
  • Not paying attention while driving a boat, resulting in an injury

If another person or entity’s negligence caused an injury or death, they may be responsible for the damages they caused.

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Types of Negligence Cases

At the Law Office of Chad West, we routinely handle negligence cases on behalf of our clients, such as cases involving:

  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Falls at a business
  • Drunk driving
  • Inadequate security
  • Trucking collisions
  • Boating accidents

Proving negligence cases can be incredibly difficult, often requiring a careful assessment of the facts of the case, a review of thousands of documents, and formal interviews of every person involved.  Like other types of personal injury cases, negligence cases must be filed within a certain time period, known as the statute of limitations. If a lawsuit is not filed within this time frame, you may not be able to sue the person or organization that caused your injuries. That is why it is so important to contact a skilled Dallas negligence lawyer as soon as possible after your injuries.

Negligence Attorneys in Dallas, Texas

If you have been injured due to the actions of another person, the Law Office of Chad West will work to make sure that you are fairly compensated.  Contact our office today to schedule a consultation. We never charge a fee for negligence cases unless we get money for you!

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